Tribute To Geet 2011 Edition

Have you ever come across something that makes you believe that life is a fairy tale???? Can you remember something that makes you forget the world, forget yourself for a moment and takes you to your own world of dream, magic and fantasy. Can you count on something that brings out happiness from within. I can… Yeah, something is there that can engage me for a good whole month or may be a good whole year and I still feel elated every time I watch it. Now I have lost count of my encounter with it. But what amazed me that it is still as fresh as it was the first time-As refreshing as an ice-cold watermelon juice in scorching heat.The imperfect life, the imperfect people, the imperfect decisions…But the most perfect setting and the most perfect love. It’s called Jab We Met. People may roll eyes. They are allowed to :P…. But this is what I would love to die for.

Its sassy, Its Funny and it’s cute.Its lively, romantic and and it’s beautiful. It is incredibly lovely whose each and every little moments bring a smile on my face.Let it be the talkative Geet or the amusing hotel manager or the odd taxi driver or the funny station master or may be Anshuman with his hatred for ganne ka khet 😀  

Jab We Met came during a time of eternal hope and happiness. With due respect to mu beautiful present, it reminds me of my carefree days, full of life, spirit and vivacity… My adventures with my close buddies, sharing our dark secrets, doing things I could never imagine doing today… We were living life to the fullest with no regrets. We could identify so much with Geet who was the symbol of spark, optimism and positive attitude.A girl who loved to play with life cause it was her favorite game. She was the agony aunt who loved to solve other’s problems and ironically her own life was a mess. A girl whose ultimate childhood dream was to get married. She was the iconic jest who was her own favourite and was a  dumb who loved mountains but could never differentiate between a mountain and a hillock. : P  😉                 
Geet was the one who taught me how to live life, how to take risks and also made me realise that its not a very big deal to make mistakes. Its ok to miss my trains, to fool my parents and to run away from home because ultimately Aditya kashyap is there to take care of  me, to be my shield, to tolerate all my stupidity and to sweep me off my feet-He is the modern, young and charming Santa Claus who really exists. Jab We Met left an imprint in my mind that still rings and time n’ again reminds me of the beautiful memories I shared while watching it along with my friend and spending endless nights waiting for my Aditya Kashyap  🙂

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  1. agree sulagna mam.i have watched the movie more than 27 times.i find myself in that geet character and i believe most of the girls do feel the same.:)

    1. Haha thank You 😊 glad that you could relate to it 😊

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