To be Ashamed or Not to be?


Three years back it was my conscious decision to avoid newspapers and news channels. Since then I have been following this practice religiously. With time, I have realized that it’s absolutely ok to be isolated and not to update myself with any current affair. Hence, though (bad) news travels fast, I am always the last person to receive that news. However, it’s true that when social media is here, bad news can’t be far behind.

For the last few days, I have been seeing my timeline being heavily flooded with extremely strong words, scorn, hatred and vengeance messages in the guise of pity and sympathy. Thanks to my spiritual guru, I have been made to understand how we establish heavy negative karmic connection with criminals when we are deeply affected by the offenses (crimes) carried out by them. Such a realization helps us remain detached (should not be confused with lack of concern and compassion). So I have always tried to stay away from commenting on any of such posts.

But today, amongst those disdainful words what amused me the most was how people were declaring their open detest for Hindu religion. Before moving further, I must confess that neither I am a ‘typical’ Indian Hindu nor am I a regular temples goer. So for me, it was interesting to note that the anti-Hindu rants in my timeline were coming either from the ‘so-called-religious’ Hindus or from the atheists. Not to mention, most of them were ashamed of being a Hindu. So I was wondering, if you are an atheist then why are you blaming the poor God (who actually doesn’t exist for you) for an incident. Similarly, if you are ‘extremely’ religious, then was your faith so fragile that only one incident could shake it to the core!!

If we look at our history, fanatic Christianity has been charged with the murder of 6 million Jews in a horrifying holocaust. Islam extremists have millions peoples’ blood on their hands (including the 9/11 attack). Extremist Buddhism has emerged as the new terror in the region of South Asia. But it is a revelation that such horrific incidents have never shaken the faith of the followers of these religions. No doubt, they have taken the responsibility but have never been ashamed of their religion.

On the other hand, they all have always come up being stronger; with more conviction. It is so because may be they still trust their religion. May be they realize that one Hitler doesn’t represent the whole Christianity. May be they realize that one Laden doesn’t represent the entire Islam. May be they still believe all religions are fundamentally based on love, so is theirs. May be their faith is not as brittle as of the contemporary Hindus, who don’t even realize that Hinduism is not even a religion but a way of life. Maybe that is then; where they have thrived and we have failed our 3500 years old Sanatana Dharma which is, ironically, called the mother of all religions.

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