Odia Web series Expose Review: A Good Attempt

Expose web series is genuinely a good attempt at creating something different.

In terms of acting, Meghna Mishra outshines everyone. Such a wonderful actress she is! It’s high time Odia industry should give her due. Sukant Rath, Shakti Baral, and Somesh Mohanty do justice to their roles as always though Somesh looks a bit older than the character he is playing. Kavya Kiran was a revelation as I was watching her for the first time. The cinematography and lighting is praiseworthy.

However, the series holds you till the 6th episode. Then it falters. The last 3 episodes look a bit choppy and the editing seems to crumble. As the budget is an issue the “Home” minister is actually confined to her “home,” sitting alone, doing little. She has to play more mental games than physical games as her outdoor activities are very limited.

Nonetheless, I choose to ignore the minor technical flaws, plot loopholes or slow screenplay as I am very happy that young Odia makers are taking a different route. I am sure given a good budget and required support, they can do wonders. Just one request to the makers: next time, please avoid unnecessary “Hindodia” words/ dialogues as we are already having its heavy dose in Odia lyrics.

Lastly, once again I congratulate for the originality of the show and I hope they come up with something bigger and better in near future. Good wishes team 💐

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