Love in the Time of Despair!!! <3 <3


#TooManyStatusUpdates and and by now I might have been branded as a #Bhakt whereas I am just a common Indian trying to be part of the solution and not of the problem because I understand panic doesn’t ease your pain. I just shared an incident with my friend and he insisted me to update it and therefore here it goes for you Bhavesh. By now, even the Aliens in Mars must have known that I had been surviving on my single Rs 50 note since 8/9/16 😀 and today after a tedious, long queue of 2 hrs, I was able to withdraw Rs 2000 through the SBI mobile ATM in our AMRITA campus. What I was amazed at was the SBI ATM allowed us to swipe our card twice, though not to use two different cards but a single card twice because we could withdraw only 2000/- at our first attempt and 500/- in the second and the max we could withdraw was 2500/- And no one (yes, we could see everyone’s move as it was a mobile ATM!!) in the queue swiped the card twice for that extra Rs 500 because everyone was concerned about the person standing behind him/her and they could understand that instead of swiping that extra 500/- they should allow the next person to swipe. The people in the queue were mostly my young engineering, MBA, Mass Com and M.Tech students, largely dependent on the canteen and campus retailers for their day-to-day needs. Some so-called liberals and protector of democracy will not understand this new change in the attitude of today’s youngsters because what they want to see is garbage and that is what they will continue to see. And we will continue to spread Love 🙂 #SpreadLove  

P.S: I didn’t like Modi’s mom standing in the queue!!   


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