Be a Santa!!! Grant a Wish!!!! #ProjectSanta

#ProjectSanta Shopping for yourself is always a joy!! How about shopping for someone who has never got the joy of shopping?? 🙂 Secret Santa is a popular game in the corporate offices during Christmas week!! How about being a Santa for someone who can’t afford a present??? 🙂 Love and kindness are never wasted. <3 <3 They always make a difference. They bless both the giver and the receiver!! This is Project #BeASanta, a personal initiative for 16 HIV positive orphaned kids between the age of 5-18, being sheltered by Prayash an NGO in my hometown #Bhawanipatna, #Kalahandi, Odisha. Though being infected by this grievous ailment, I believe these kids have a fundamental right to lead a loving fun-filled childhood in a stigma-free environment. Through this project of mine, I request my friends to put a smile on the faces of these kids who deserve a life of love, dignity and compassion. I urge my thoughtful friends to be a #Santa for any one of these kids on this Christmas, 25th December, 2016 and grant a small wish of that kid. These kids have a wishlist (very much within your budget!! 🙂 ) and you can send them their present (one person per kid) using any of the e-commerce sites (to make the process thoroughly transparent) of your choice. You shall be provided an address for the delivery of your product and on the Christmas day, your gift will be presented to the kid. The whole process will be monitored personally and you shall be provided (through mail) a digital photo of the kid holding your gift and a scanned copy of a handwritten ‘Thank You Card’ from the kid for being his/her #Santa. Kindly inbox me for details (like Address, wishlist, offline gift, or any other inquiry!!) if you wish to be a part of this initiative intended only and only to spread love because this is the time we must realize love and compassion are vital for OUR existence. Without them humanity cannot survive.Thanks for reading this extremely long post. Every drop of love counts. 🙂 #SpreadLove <3 <3 #BeASanta

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PS: Sorry for the clumsy editing, I am no professional, Hope you ignore the flaws and see the boundless love!!! <3 <3  🙂

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