An Open Letter To Sulu From Sulu

Dear Sulu

Hugs and Congratulations

You must be on cloud nine at this moment. Four movies capturing the dreams, passion, struggles and frustrations of Indian middle class won big in this Filmfare night of 2017. Though these award functions essentially mean nothing than a mockery of cinematic aesthetics but Sulu this time it was amazing to see small but genuine movies grabbing the spotlight beating big thrashes like Tube Light, Tiger Zinda Hai, When Harry Met Sejal, and Kaabil.

Your movie Tumhari Sulu, along with other three gems Secret Superstar, Hindi Medium and Bareilly Ki Barfi, was undoubtedly one of the most endearing Hindi cinemas of 2017. Tumhari Sulu and Secret Superstar were indeed fresh takes on the middle class woman’s passion and her zeal to fulfill her dreams and they effectively defied all facets of “pseudo feminism” and illustrated woman empowerment at its best.

As you emerged as the best female characters of 2017, I just took this moment to spell out my takes on your enchanting portrayal of Sulu in Tumhari Sulu; a portrayal that brings forth universal facts (may be with few exceptions because generalizing or judging is not what I am here to do!!) about the hypocrisy of our society.

# Sulu, first of all, your film confirmed that there is a ‘black sheep’ in every family and everyone wants that sheep to remain black so that they can look fairer (read happier and more successful).
# Your story showed that a man will support a working spouse only when his life is sorted, his career is growing and his home is perfectly set (Those saying ‘NO’ can wait for a hail storm and watch what happens).
# Your character proved that a woman’s professional success shall HARDLY be celebrated no matter how big it is (and NEVER if people around you can’t stand your job).
# You illustrated that people will hardly miss a single moment to make a middle class working woman realize (read guilty) that whatever goes wrong around you is only because of your job/profession/passion (read whatever makes you happy).
#Your story established that fact that the situation worsens if a woman has made others comfortable by serving them for quite a good number of years and then all of a sudden decides to step out to start a new life. She should make sure she has a stone heart that doesn’t melt away with emotional blackmail.
#Your situation exhibited that asking a woman to have kid is a tried and tested method of keeping her at home no matter if she is in her 20’s or in her 40’s.

# Lastly, your lovely narrative demonstrates that a woman’s job holds no value if it doesn’t come under ICS (Indian convenient system) category like medical, engineering, banking, teaching etc. So unconventional=worthless! (Those who don’t believe can try for Bartending, Biking, Detective, Stunt Womanship, etc and let me know what happens!!)

Sulu, you had been adorable and charming throughout this cinematic saga and you proved your mettle by balancing out that chaos around you rather than opting to walk away from the turbulence. And Sulu, there lies the real power of woman. Thank you for teaching us the fact that woman empowerment doesn’t mean to become a man or to compete with him but to retain your womanhood with dignity and self-respect because I guess, being woman is the toughest yet the most beautiful profession in this world.

Congratulations again

With Lots of Love

Tumhari Sulu


6 Replies to “An Open Letter To Sulu From Sulu”

  1. Cound night or Cloud nine? First sentence!!

    1. That was a typo. Thanks for pointing out.

  2. Just read two of your recent written stories! Must say your writing skills in english much better than hindi.

    Talking about this current article, good message being sent that a woman does not need tag of the ‘man’ to look stronger. A woman can be succesfull and walk beside a man by beaing a ‘woman’ .

  3. lovely take.. wonderfully analytical.. enjoyed reading and the finishing too

    1. Thank you so much mam 🙂

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